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We are Arbor Mobility



Range Anxiety

Electric vehicles and fear of running out of battery charge go hand-in-hand.

What if you had the confidence to travel to your destinations in electric vehicles without any anxiety?


Never be anxious as we offer you a carefree riding experience.


Battery Problem

A lesser known fact is Lithium Ion batteries aren’t so environment friendly.

What if there is an equally capable alternative but much friendlier to the environment?


We offer you a safer and cleaner battery technology with all the thrills of riding an electric vehicle.

Driving Distress

Driving through heavy traffic and bumpy roads could be very tiring , stressful and risky.

What if driving in such conditions could be made convenient and you could save energy for all your important activities?

We offer you a less fatiguing, more convenient and a safer ride to your destination. 


Meet the Team

Our founding members bring their own unique experiences and perspectives to the table. The members met while studying in Michigan , USA and decided to team up to create something special. Through their shared vision, they have forged a strong bond and are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and customer satisfaction.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Bengaluru, Karnataka

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We welcome any questions you may have about our company and what we do. Please email us or submit the below form and we will be more than happy to answer your inquiries . Thank you for your interest!

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